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  1. Soul Surfer
  2. Drunken Nights and Easter Mornings by Jack Arnold
  3. Interesting Video on the Hidden Faith of our founding fathers
  4. A Lamp In the Dark: The Untold History of the Bible
  5. David and Abigail
  6. Why did David lie?
  7. Easter Dedicational
  8. Westboro Goes To Mississippi and Loses
  9. Water Baptism
  10. Prayer request please
  11. Prayer Request Please
  12. Masonry and Mormonism
  13. Prayer Request
  14. King James Bible reaches 400 Years of Age
  15. The Real Royal Wedding
  16. The Worst Volcanic disastor in History (and it biblical purpose)
  17. what about those who have not heard the Gospel?
  18. Romans 12:7 - Burning Coals
  19. 1 Thessalonians
  20. How John-Paul came to terms with his assasin from 1981
  21. what do the presbyterians think of their official acceptance of gays?
  22. Benedict releases "Universae Ecclesiae" Reversing Mass to Pre Vatican 2!
  23. Interesting Juxtaposition
  24. Vatican Suggests Bishops Report Abuse to Police
  25. Can a Christian Raise The Dead?
  26. Tick tock goes the doomsday clock
  27. KeithThompson Aquarius Age Of Evil
  28. Pope Benedict in Westminster Hall, Abbey, Cathedral
  29. Great videos on secular sources about The Lord Jesus Christ.
  30. oops!!!! i meant [B]OCTOBER[/B] 21st!!
  31. Favourite Hymns/Songs
  32. Communion
  33. Finally found the Anthem I want at my Funeral!
  34. This one slipped by me....
  35. The Pope begins conquest of Anglican Communion
  36. Question about Revelation 12:14
  37. Ancient Babylonian tablets that are similar to Biblical accounts.
  38. Is Gambling a Sin?
  39. Walmart evangelism
  40. My Take: Bible condemns a lot, so why focus on homosexuality?
  41. 90 Minutes in Heaven
  42. For my Christian friends here
  43. Vatican Bible Heresy(Part 1)William Tyndale,The Real Bible Version Issue EXPOSED
  44. Noise of Thunder Radio with Chris Pinto
  45. The Oldest Known Greek New Testament Fragments/Manuscripts
  46. Vatican Responds to China
  47. Eccumenical Conference about Christians LEAVING Israel
  48. The Effeminate Spirit invading The Church: A Reader Reflects
  49. Left Behind Series
  50. Prayer, please: on a mission trip (again)
  51. Writings of early Church Apologists Online
  52. A Christian martial art?
  53. Church Search 2011
  54. On Good and Evil
  55. Prayers for a better Job
  56. Impressive Season for SPC Institute
  57. Former UFC Fighter Justin Wren Puts Career on Hold to Answer Divine Call
  58. NASCAR Pray Gets Attention
  59. Prayer Request
  60. This has probably been discussed already but... Speaking in Tongues/Power to heal?
  61. Isaiah talks about present life span...
  62. Chronicals References a non existant Scripture
  63. Army of Valhalla magnificent ending!
  64. Prayer request
  65. prayer need
  66. please pray for sam hardwick
  67. Why I cant be Roman Catholic
  69. True Gospel
  70. Laws
  71. Cant understand why Jewish Reform removes Canonical Restoration...
  72. The History of Christianity
  73. The impossibility of a socialist Jesus
  74. Florida Teacher suspended for anti-gay marriage views posted on Facebook
  75. The Shame of Ripon: Praying to Shiva, Krishna and Bhuda at Evensong
  76. VATICAN CONFERENCE ON ALIENS (Noise of Thunder Radio with Chris Pinto)
  77. Prayer Request
  78. The Doctrine of Election - John MacArthur
  79. Prime Example of Benedicts true colours
  80. Testimony
  81. Emergency prayer
  82. Cardboard Cathedral for Christ Church Newzeland
  83. The "Holy" Inquisition & the Torture Tools
  84. Canterbury Speaks on 9/11 (he was there!)
  85. David Barton Exposed
  86. Catholicism VS Protestantism DEBATE Justification
  87. 2 Timothy 3
  88. I want you all to see this
  89. GOD speaks through Ezekiel on immigration
  90. Zadokites given half portion of Levite Land?
  91. Monarchy in Assyria/Babylonia/Persia, book of Daniel Descrepancy?
  92. Tower of Babel and the origin on language
  93. Looking for one of Matt's Blogs
  94. please pray for England
  95. Do you believe in Guardian Angels
  96. Smart Phone BIBLE Apps
  97. Does anyone know about the Pearls?
  98. INQUISITION IN MODERN TIMES - Chris Pinto - Noise of Thunder Radio
  99. Saint Paul's Cathedral has shut its doors...
  100. Praise God
  101. Canon Giles Frasier Resigns Over Saint Paul's Protest
  102. The Dean of Saint Paul's Resigns, Bishop Richard takes control
  103. The Secret History of Dinosaurs
  104. Is the Tim Tebow "Tebowing" trend, Mocking God?
  105. All Souls Day 2011
  106. Funeral of Philanthropic Entertainer Jimmy Savile
  107. please pray for her
  108. Michael W Smith Vid
  109. one of the best Easter Literny ever
  110. please pray fourm friends
  111. Prayer request for Urijah Faber's sister
  112. prayer request for super nate dinoffria
  113. maybe the best passage in scripture ever
  114. Could this explain Soddom and Gemorah
  115. Christmas Should protestant Christians Celebrate?
  116. your Sabath/Jubilee years
  117. Pray for my Mother in law
  118. Christian founders in the US?
  119. The Shroud of Turin
  120. Are we ashamed to say MERRY CHRISTMAS?
  121. Twilight movies/books
  122. Was Baby Jesus An Illegal Immigrant?
  123. Infant baptism question ...
  124. Read The Bible In A Year Plans
  125. Texas members
  126. Blessings for Epiphany-tide
  127. meditation on Baptism of Christ
  128. Sleep Paralysis - survey
  129. Hoarders
  130. I want to apologize to my Catholic Brothers and Sisters.
  131. Eugenics is back on the menu
  132. Dragons: did they exist?
  133. suicide prayr request
  134. travel prayer
  135. How do you overlook hypocrisy?
  136. Please help my daughter.
  137. Anglican Synod debates Women Bishops
  138. Is the Bible outdated?
  139. Please pray for England
  140. I am Moving Please Pray
  141. archbishop of centerbury to resign
  142. Prayer Request for the son of my sensei
  143. URGENT Prayer request - 2 young girls stabbed
  144. Why All Christians should be Monarchists
  145. Where does "Purgatory" come from and why don't Christians believe in it?
  146. Surmons of London
  147. Easter Dedication 2012
  148. Coventry Cathedral celebrates 50 years
  149. Inspiring Story
  150. A Radical Alternative to Political Activism
  151. Thoughts on Jewish Mysticism
  152. The Museum of Idolatry
  153. Secular music in the church
  154. Not a Fan sermon
  155. Answers in Genesis
  156. How do you measure worth
  157. Anglican Women Bishop Debate
  158. He appeared to her first, because she needed him most
  159. Sedia Gestatoria
  160. So when does life begin....
  161. What is your favourite Psalm...and why?
  162. Christian Brotherhoods
  164. The New ArchBishop of Canterbury
  165. St Pauls Marks a Year on from Occupy
  166. Durham for ABC!!!
  167. Judgement
  168. The Kingdom Season Reflection Thread
  169. Advent/Christmas-tide Reflections
  170. New Rules on Gay Marriage
  171. Michelle needs our prayers
  172. Pope Benedict Resigns
  173. Edenic Trees
  174. Extra Omnes
  175. Habemus Papem! Francis I
  176. Please Pray
  177. What does Easter mean to you
  178. Please pray for my Nan
  179. What happened to the R.C Archdiocise of Philadelphia
  180. Dane of Ripon Cathedral: Sudden Death
  181. Pope Francis in Suspected Exorcism
  182. How God Flooded the Earth
  183. Prayers Please
  184. Prayer for a friend with a bad stroke
  186. Do you have a Patron Saint
  187. Jesus and MMA
  188. For All Saints and All Souls
  189. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
  190. A right spirit
  191. The Great Collect for Bonfire Night
  192. Royal Legion: Remembrance 2013
  193. Do you believe that everyone has a vocational calling
  194. Songs of Heaven...on Earth?
  195. Christian Vs Catholc-What's the difference
  196. Which Bible For iPhone?
  197. Please like my church page
  198. Happy Easter
  199. Martyrs Read Joel Osteen Tweets
  200. mErRy ChRiStMaS eVeRyOnE!!!
  201. Off To Uganda-Go GoFundMe!
  202. "If Obama doesnt act, if Congress doesnt act, then I'm going to act"
  203. Urgent Prayer Request for JOSH