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  1. Affliction Prediction thread
  2. UFC Free Replay On Spike..
  3. Fedor: The Baddest Man On The Planet
  4. Horodecki off Affliction card
  5. Sig Bets for Non-UFC Cards
  6. No Excuses, Pulver Fighting for Relevancy
  7. Gilbert Yvel Cleared to Fight at Affliction
  8. Sokoudjou Kicks Off New Year at Affliction
  9. Monson arrested again-Domestic abuse
  10. Affliction on spike
  11. MMA Superfight Possible For April
  12. Fedor Latest To Join Round 5 Action Figures
  13. anyone watch the PFC event? *spoiler
  14. AA to fight for HW Bowing Championship after Fedor
  15. Is kimbo dead?
  16. Fighters you don't care for....
  17. WEC Prediction Thread
  18. Favorite Fighters
  19. Affliction Weigh Ins
  20. WHAT THE HECK was up with Vlady
  21. Affliction: Day of Reckoning ***SPOILERS***
  22. Sleep tight Arlovski, LOL
  23. Greatest Fedor compilation eva
  24. Affliction "day Of Reckoning" Fighter Salaries
  25. Fedor vs Mir or Brock..."he'd beat up both guys badly"-Hendo
  26. What I learned from Affliction 2
  27. Dana White invited to Affliction
  28. The NY times hates MMA?
  29. Can they ban somebody from sharing thoughts? (the best/worst War Machine blog ever)
  30. Lil D's Affliction tale: Nut cruncher, Rain, and Cold
  31. Vitor Belfort
  32. Wow
  33. Wec Spoilers***************
  34. its 9:40 and WEC dint start yet
  35. Affliction press conference
  36. Why WEC on Sunday night?
  37. Tito-isms at Affliction 2
  38. Jens Pulver Rooting for BJ Penn (Vid)
  39. MMA Linker
  40. Helio Gracie Dead
  41. Affliction Rumors
  42. Gina Carano in Super Bowl commercial
  43. "I think he's a douchebag and ahh i think he's bad for the sport"
  44. Fedor's Secrets revealed!!!!
  45. When Josh Barnett isn't fighting...
  46. Ian Freeman admits fraud
  47. Arlovski signs with Golden Boy Boxing
  48. Pro Elite Sold (or nearly sold)
  49. War "Jon Koppenhaver" Machine Cut From Bellator FC
  50. MMA Idiots
  51. Ben Askren
  52. Diaz/Shamrock? Does that make any sense?
  53. Free BSN Products
  54. Evo's Danner wins pro MMA debut in style
  55. Fight! Magazine Blogs
  56. Ben Askren's debut *SPOILERS*
  57. Strikeforce CEO Talks ProElite, Showtime, Fighter Acquisitions
  58. 5 Ways to Cheat (and not get caught)
  59. Former UFC fighter Jon “War Machine” Koppenhaver arrested on battery charges in Las V
  60. Fighter's career over Docs tell hurt battler after bloody bout
  61. Jake Shields did not sign with Strikeforce... others did
  62. Five Ounces of Fail
  63. An Accident Waiting To happen
  64. Another former WWE entertainer want to fight MMA
  65. Official Statement on the Future of Jens Pulver
  66. Big Tim vs Ray mercer
  67. Sonnen thinks he and Maia can beat Silva
  68. Josh Barnett: "Kenny Florian is a little Punkass B*TCH
  69. New WAMMA weight class for women
  70. Ken Shamrock, Tank Abbott Finally Get Wins
  71. XCF Spoilers
  72. Kimo Arrested for Meth....
  73. guy gets KO'd by pro MMA fighter
  74. Carlos Condit taking out American soldier
  75. Jake Shields vs Joe Riggs Set For April 11 Strikeforce
  76. Gina Carano in Maxim (again)
  77. Mousasi jumping up two weight classes?
  78. Whatever happened to Paulo Filho?
  79. Damian Spoiler
  80. Silly Question about "Gi"
  81. Drew Fickett Goes Before Judge Judy
  82. Leonard Garcia V Mike Thomas Brown
  83. Family Fued is No Game
  84. Shonie Carter Capture Throwdown Title
  85. Sylvia vs Mercer To Be A Boxing Match
  86. From Russia With Blood, Beauty, and Beasts
  87. Gina Carano Doll Coming Soon
  88. UFC veteran Din Thomas signs three-fight deal with Affliction
  89. WEC fights tonight on Versus
  90. Published Letters in Fighters Only
  91. Bobby Lashley vs Ken Shamrock Set For March 21
  92. The Art of 7 Limbs
  93. WAMMA's inaugural female rankings
  94. Fedor's Office / Gym (pics and video)
  95. Over used MMA terms
  96. You Know You're Addicted to MMA....
  97. Seth Petruzelli is still comfortable with is sexuality
  98. Cage Gladiators Eleven-Ressurection
  99. So I was having a conversation....
  100. Mask from tapout dead?
  101. Ken Shamrock suspended one year for alleged anabolic-steroid use
  102. Final Interview with Mask
  103. Robbie Lawler vs. Jake Shields to headline Strikeforce’s May event!!!
  104. Kyra Gracie....
  105. Julie Kedzie talks return to the cage this weekend
  106. Diaz / Shamrock
  107. Charges filed in the death of Tapout founder Mask
  108. Strikeforce press conference vid (hilarious!)
  109. Shamrock Out; Guida In at March Badness
  110. Pride Fighters Over-Rated?
  111. Dream WW Grand Prix (Dram 8)
  112. Bully beat down reality show
  113. Jenna Jameson births the spawn of Tito
  114. Fedor struggling with fame
  115. I found this over at MMA.tv
  116. W-1 Enception
  117. Affliction Entertainment in talks to air third MMA event opposite UFC 100 on July 11
  118. TapouT founder's memorial set
  119. Machida picks Anderson over Fedor......BUT
  120. MMA: Missing Most-valuable Appendages
  121. Lashley/ Guida almost scuffle at press conference..
  122. MMA at OC Fair in Orange County, Ca
  123. GSP Live!
  124. They're letting him Fight?
  125. UFC 100 / Affliction 3 / WCB return of Floyd Mayweather (all the same day)
  126. Affliction 3 is FREE?!
  127. The walkout music
  128. Video: MMA’s greatest upsets
  129. Lashley/Guida *Spoiler*
  130. Miletich working toward summer return
  131. has anyone heard of...
  132. Din Thomas challenges Chris Brown to a fight
  133. For those who are curious about Bully Beatdown
  134. Gina Carano 'I'll pray about it'
  135. fight science - fedor choke
  136. Hitler wants Fedor in the UFC
  137. Despite famous husband, Emily Fisher found own path to MMA
  138. Kimbo Slice to start a boxing career
  139. Wrestlers Turned MMA Fighters
  140. amateur MMA at 17
  141. Marcus Davis seminar is today!!!!
  142. Not going to Tenth Legion MMA anymore
  143. juju thread for Bart Palaszewski
  144. juju thread for Jeff Curran
  145. So, I just went to the gas station...
  146. Adventures from MMAI--Charlottesville!
  147. The 10 Worst Commentary Moments in MMA History
  148. Ringside, again
  149. WEC
  150. Rob McCullough a Sex Addict?
  151. NUNES VS. SWANSON WEC 40 bout cancelled
  152. WEC 40 Tomorrow Night
  153. WEC on
  154. How big of an MMA fan are you really?
  155. WEC 40 Results ***SPOILERS***
  156. Me in the KOTC???
  157. Insane Capoeira Knockout (mma match)
  158. Nam Phan's cornerman is REALLY happy!!
  159. Andre Galvao vs metcalf
  160. Sherdog MMA rankings
  161. MMA 101 With 2 Hot Girls
  162. MMAWeekly's World MMA Ranking ( because we were dying to know!)
  163. Reporter blames UFC
  164. Strikeforce (tomorrow night) Predictions and talk
  165. Andre Galvao to Strikeforce
  166. Video Pride backstage after Fedor/Coleman *warning, Coleman has a potty mouth*
  167. Cyborg misses weight at Strikeforce
  168. Strikeforce ***SPOILERS***
  169. Strikeforce salary.... WOW
  170. Friends say goodbye to Mask
  171. nick vs shamrock body shot gif
  172. Kitty Jiu Jitsu (KJJ): Side control
  173. Diaz earns "substantially" more than $40K, calling out Jones Jr.
  174. Josh Barnett: 'Cyborg Is Deserving of No Respect and No Praise'
  175. Bully Beatdown completely fake
  176. Jeff Curran Video Blog on losing last WEC fight :'(
  177. Mayhem Miller apologizes for Bully Beatdown
  178. Genghis Con's MMA Highlights
  179. Cro Cop says his head is clear, ready for some wins.
  180. Details of Cyborg V Akano Controversy
  181. Nick Diaz's Test Results for Drugs of Abuse
  182. Fedor Drunk
  183. Fedor on Sports Science
  184. Kyle Maynard aint no foo and don't need no pity.
  185. Fedor Emelianenko vs. Shinya Aoki on April 29
  186. Overeem thanks HORSE MEAT DIET to new success!
  187. GTFO
  188. Bobby Lashley back in pro-wrestling
  189. Pat Militech defends Silva: "There's really no blame to anderson in that fight"
  190. Published for a Forth time by Fighters Only
  191. Strike Force June 6th
  192. Latest Tapout Mag Featured Girl
  194. New Fedor interview
  195. José Canseco
  196. Benji Radach planning to appeal April 11 loss to Scott Smith (this late? lol)
  197. new robbie lawler interview on mma weekly.com
  198. Inverted triangle choke GIF
  199. New Fedor HL
  200. dave menne is back
  201. Fedor vs Aoki Video
  202. Fedor Chant At UFC 100
  203. The past vs. the present
  204. Shaquille O'Neal: hoopster, twitter fan, MMA fighter?
  205. Top 8 Oh Shucks Moments in MMA
  206. Fedor vs Gerard Mousasi
  207. Sign of the Apocalypse #2,337: The Shaw Family Reality Show Is Back On
  208. Reviewing MMA Website Week One
  209. 'TUF 6' runner-up Tommy Speer returns May 30
  210. Affliction’s Atencio wants White fight
  211. Teaching a class
  212. Reviewing MMA Website!
  213. Its Not Over Says Urijah Faber...
  214. Nick Palmisciano of Ranger Up T-Shirts Challenges Tom Atencio
  215. Lashley wins in 24 seconds
  216. Reviewing MMA Website (3)
  217. Review MMA Website 4
  219. Miletich & Caplan Resign from WAMMA
  220. Review MMA Website (5)
  221. Assessment Results
  222. Shinya Aoki steals Jason Miller's pants
  223. Great CroCop interview
  224. Rumors of Fedor/Barnett finally
  225. Anybody watching Dream 9?
  226. Top 5 Losses … that shouldn’t have been losses.
  227. Ranking MMA Websites (6)
  228. Pulver is fighting??
  229. 20-year-old man was paralyzed in Saturday night mma fight
  230. Monson Anarchy
  231. Ranking MMA Websites (7)
  232. Sokoudjou should be in some sort of trouble
  234. Docu on Miletich (not one ive seen before)
  235. Jens Pulver Video Blog Including KARSON!
  236. Ranking MMA Websites (8)
  237. EA Sports MMA game
  238. FAO Michelle
  239. Dana White WEC video blog
  240. Strikeforce predictions 6/6/09
  241. Kimbo Slice on TUF 10! Are you kidding me?
  242. PsykoJojo gets a fight!
  243. Kimbo in the UFC
  244. Jamie Varner WEC lightweight champion
  245. Faber vs Brown predictions...
  246. New Fedor Interview
  247. reviewing MMA Websites
  248. Coming in heavy
  249. Sick of Fedor & UFC talk...
  250. Kevin Randleman