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  1. SPOILER War on the Mainland...
  2. Anthony Johnson charged with Battery and Domestic Violence
  3. DREAM not paying fighters
  4. WEC Weign-ins LIVE now
  5. WEC 53 Coming to Pheonix
  6. ***SPOILERS*** Strikeforce - Houston
  7. Marcus Kowel and his doggie
  8. Noons and Lawal used canned oxygen in their Strikeforce fights
  9. Bruce Buffer Branches Out
  10. Diaz/Noons II Confirmed
  11. Rory Markham forced out of Bellator match due to a "bleb"
  12. Fedor says he wants to fight...
  13. Bob Reilly
  14. Jens Pulver-Driven (trailor)
  15. my second fight is tomorrow
  16. Published artical on squaredoctagon.com
  17. TAPOUT "tapped out" to Authentic Brands Group
  18. WEC51: my coach stepping in as a replacement
  19. "10 MMA Photos That Will Scare Your Children and Make You Cry Yourself to Sleep"
  20. Jeremy Horn Possibly 1 Fight Away from Bellator MW Title
  21. Jens Pulver (another driven clip)
  22. bammmmm finaly video of my second amature mma fight
  23. anyone care about Keith Jardine?
  24. Tim Syliva to be a pro wrestler
  25. Joe Riggs fighting a guy who is 0 - 1 this weekend?
  26. UFN 22 Comments
  27. online nominations for MMA Awards
  28. Pudz KO's Butterbean
  29. Andrei Arlovski to Fight in K-1 on October 2nd
  30. The MMA Weigh-In Failure Leaderboard
  31. Kevin James to Film UFC-Themed Comedy
  33. Barnett Expects Fedor
  34. Damage, Inc.: One Fan's Decision To Leave the Sport of MMA
  35. WEC 51 Predictions Thread
  36. Bryan Baker diagnosed with leukimia
  37. Strikeforce Spoilers
  38. Batista talk MMA and contact highs
  39. Yet another Strikeforce Scuffle
  40. Marloes Coenen's Welcome Home Celebration
  41. The Reem
  42. Ken Shamrock Wins A Fight!!!
  43. what has happened to Hywel Teague
  44. Mayhem Miller On Nick Diaz: “Don’t Be Scared Homie"
  45. Martial Combat 12 (Videos)
  46. Josh Thomson And JZ Calvan On Judges And MMA Media
  47. How Strikeforce Can Survive in a Post-Merger World
  48. Sengoku 15 (Videos)
  49. Bellator Releases Bjorn Rebney’s Text Messages On Scott Coker
  50. Hesdy Gerges To Replace Semmy Schilt In K-1 WGP Final 8
  51. DEEP 50 Impact (Videos)
  52. Nick Diaz vs Mayhem Miller Could Go Down In 2011
  53. 2010 K-1 MAX Final 8 (Videos)
  54. Scott Coker Talks Giving Paul Daley A Title Shot In The Future
  55. WEC 52 predictions thread
  56. Paul Daley On Training Thai Boxing In Holland
  57. Kawajiri On The Melendez Loss: "I Didn’t Lose That Fight"
  58. MMA Hour: DREAM Screaming Lady Lenne Hardt Interview
  59. Mitsuhiro Ishida Tries His Hands At Shoot Boxing
  60. MFC 27 (Videos)
  61. Media Spotlight: Jordan "The Megalomaniac" Breen Mocks Fedor
  62. MMA Staredowns
  63. So Penns handing out spiritual advise now??
  64. jens?
  65. Nog Brothers Launch Free Online MMA RPG
  66. Strikeforce Heavyweight news
  67. You guys got to see this
  68. Trial now underway for manslaughter charges in death of Charles ‘Mask’ Lewis Jr.
  69. MFC Owner Mark Pavelich Press Releases Complaints of UFC's Business Practices
  70. Kratos Talks About Tomas Rios And Josh Gross
  71. Strikeforce: Henderson vs Babalu (Videos)
  72. Matt Linland's first fight (no vid)
  73. Nevada State Athletic Commission
  74. Falling Action: Best and Worst of UFC & Strikeforce's Dueling Events
  75. 2010 K-1 WGP Finals: Pre-Show
  76. Daley V Smith
  77. Diaz/Miller not happening
  78. World MMA Awards commercials
  79. Bitetti Combat 8: 100 Years Of Corinthians (Videos)
  80. Belts
  81. The REEM Episode 11: Ready For The K-1 Final
  82. 2010 K-1 WGP Finals (Videos)
  83. HDNet’s The Voice vs Overeem Vids
  84. WEC 53 Predictions thread
  85. Mayhem Miller: “Stockton Is A Bunch Of Sissies”
  86. The Kick
  87. Chute Boxe Documentary: Generation Evolucao (videos)
  88. Sherdog.com’s Pound-for-Pound Top 10
  89. The REEM Episode 12: The Final
  90. The End of an Era - Miletich Sells
  91. 2010 Dynamite!! Pre-Fight Interviews
  92. 2010 Dynamite!! Press Conference
  93. Sengoku: “Soul Of Fight” (Videos)
  94. UFC 125 predictions thread
  95. Fedor Vs Bigfoot
  96. Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Participants
  97. M-1 GLOBAL's Fedor Emelianenko Joins Elite Heavyweight Tournament
  98. Ernesto Hoost Team And Mousasi To Help Fedor Prepare For Bigfoot Silva
  99. Volkmann Gets Visit From Secret Service Agents
  100. Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix: The New Era Begins
  101. Strikeforce Challengers 13 (Videos)
  102. Lee Murray has sentance increased
  103. Nick Diaz: “I Like Dealing With PRIDE Rules”
  104. Fedor vs Bigfoot Silva: Strikeforce Conference Call
  105. Team Takeover Radio feat. DREAM Screaming Lady Lenne Hardt
  106. Sergei Kharitonov Training For Andrei Arlovski
  107. Pitbull caught a Bone? Andrei Arlovski training with Jon Jones for Strikeforce Heavyw
  108. Team Takeover Members Blasts Ben Fowlkes
  109. War Nick Diaz!!
  110. Tim Sylvia fighting again...Jan 28th
  111. Overeem vs Werdum Will Determine The No.1 HW In The World
  113. Team Takeover Radio With King Mo
  114. Team Takeover: Bloodstain’s Twitter War With Dana & More
  115. Nick Diaz Is Open To A Welterweight Grand Prix
  116. Justin Wren Kills Pig, Puts 'Poser' Viking Brock Lesnar On Blast
  117. Herschel Walker: MMA safer than football
  118. Gina Carano
  119. Take Him for Granted Now, but You'll Miss Nick Diaz When He's Gone
  120. Sergei Kharitonov Will Break Tournament Foes
  121. Titan FC ***SPOILERS***
  122. Strikeforce: Diaz vs Cyborg (Videos)
  123. Valerie "Vicious Val" Coolbaugh
  124. Scott Coker: Strikeforce Has The Best Heavyweight Division
  125. Is the front elbow a waste of time?
  126. The fighters you love to hate..
  127. Strikeforce: Diaz vs Cyborg Peaks With 853,000 Viewers
  128. Paul Daley On Nick Diaz: “I Will Knock Him Out”
  129. Bader, Simpson, Dollaway, Lawler and Others Find Stability At New Gym
  130. For the Folks that live in Dallas!
  131. Gina Carano Spotted Working the Pads in Las Vegas
  132. This Girl may do good in MMA!
  133. Sergei Kharitonov - The Beast Is Back
  134. Fan Experience Kicks Off Fedor vs Bigfoot Fight Week
  135. Judoka in MMA!
  136. Good News!!!
  137. Chronicles Of Fedor
  138. Team Takeover Radio - Strikeforce: Fedor vs Bigfoot, UFC 126
  139. Strikeforce: Fedor vs Silva Press Conference
  140. welll... ok peoples....
  141. Andre Arlovski Strikeforce video blog
  142. Eric Schafer at King Grappler Ten
  143. If you are in Tokyo and have a business suit, you can dance with Genki Sudo next week
  144. Andrei Arlovski: "F@ck Russia"
  145. WAR MOORE (Silverback's boy)
  146. Some candy for Foxy
  147. Strikeforce Tonight
  148. Strikeforce "Fedor vs. Silva" *****SPOILERS*****
  149. Strikeforce: Fedor vs Bigfoot (Videos)
  150. Epic Twitter Battle: Dana vs. Fedor Fans!
  151. Ariel Helwani's SF Interviews
  152. Team Takeover On Dana White Following Fedor's Loss
  153. Fedors Downfall: Years in the making
  154. Jens Pulver - Driven
  155. Jim Rome Is A Zuffa Shill
  156. Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Silva Crushes Promotion’s Ratings Record On Showtime
  157. OK Peoples.. since Fedor is a "never was"
  158. Fedor's Coaches Blame "Forbidden Psychological Technology"
  159. So you want to write for MiddleEasy and get paid? Well here you go...
  160. Some sad news for the Jiu-Jitsu world today.
  161. Was Fedor Emelianenko's Loss the Desired Result for Strikeforce?
  162. Twitter Mailbag: Fedor's Future, Anderson Silva's Long Wait and More
  163. Fedor's Coach Vladimir Voronov Denies Hypnosis Rumor
  164. Strikeforce Challengers 14 (Videos)
  165. Ken Shamrock can only win as a ref? lol
  166. Dan Henderson vs Matt Linland... In The Court Room?
  167. Open Letter to Steve Beale, Editor in Chief of Fighters Only Magazine
  168. Team Quest lawsuit: Henderson sues for name rights
  169. Bibiano Fernandes Possible For DREAM Bantamweight GP
  170. Fighter choked out by Promoter!
  171. Who has 'the most ridiculous MMA tattoo of all time?'
  172. The Triangle Hall of Fame
  173. ESPN SPORTSNATION: 1st Ever FAILy Awards Features some MMA Nominees
  174. Round 5 series 6 action figures a familar face LoL
  175. Paul Daley Misses Weight for Fifth Time in 11 Fights
  176. Melvin Manhoef - The Violence Is Here
  177. BAMMA 5 (Videos)
  178. Bobby Lashley volunteers to go back to the 'minor leagues'
  179. Now you can train MMA -- inside your local Wal-Mart
  180. Alistair Overeem vs. Fabricio Werdum and Brett Rogers vs. Josh Barnett,
  181. Shinya Aoki and Hiroyuki Takaya Expected for April 9 Strikeforce Card
  182. Team Takeover Radio -March 1 Episode
  183. Team Takeover Talks Rankings In MMA Media
  184. Strikeforce: Heavyweight World Grand Prix 1st Round (Full Film)
  185. Strikeforce show goes on without Grand Prix
  186. Gina Carano in talks to face Amanda Nunes on June 18 in Dallas
  187. LIVE on MTV2: Bellator Fighting Championships 35
  188. LIVE Strikeforce Stream
  189. M-1 Challenge 23 (Videos)
  190. Strikeforce: Feijao vs Henderson (Videos)
  191. Bellator 35 (Videos)
  192. Jens Wins again
  193. Hendo Wins!
  194. 15 Fighters You Should Know
  195. Pulver Wins!
  196. Paul Daley On Nick Diaz: "There’s No Way He’ll Stand Up With Me"
  197. Sergei Kharitonov To Fight In The World Series Of Boxing, March 19th!
  198. Matt Lindland and The Pot Plants!
  199. Fedor vs Hendo
  200. Josh Thomson Talks Feud With Lyle Beerbohm, Fedor’s Loss
  201. Bloodstain Lane... Love Him Or Hate Him?
  202. MMA petition New York
  203. Congrats Pat Miletich
  204. Shark Fights
  205. Remembering Mask
  206. Bellator 36 (Videos)
  207. Paul Daley continues to ramble
  208. Jerry Millen tells twitter world Dana was right about Fedor and M-1
  209. Bellator results!
  210. Bellator 1 fighter payouts!
  211. Interview with Bellators owner Bjorn Rebney!
  212. Vadim Finkelstein Gets the Last Laugh
  213. West Virginia becomes 45th state to regulate MMA, UFC President Dana White comments
  214. The Last Emporer Switching Up Routine
  215. Ronda Rousey (Judo medalist)wins pro debut!
  216. Sunday Morning Rumor Mil - 3/27
  217. Driven to be Released Worldwide
  218. Zuffa Kills Gracie YouTube Page
  219. How many of Y'All seen that inverted triangle on Bellatore?
  220. Wrestling vs. Jui-Jitsu: A closer look at when a fight hits the ground
  222. Shane Carwin Begins a Rival Organization
  223. Pat Miletich is Talks to Fight Former Champion
  224. Joe Rogan: "Fedor Can't Be Rolling Around Fat"
  225. Throwing my first fight
  226. Mayhem's Thoughts on the UFC MW Division
  227. Secret Cache of EliteXC Vids Discovered
  228. Miletich Further Discusses Jones, Jr.
  229. Miletich Discusses 'Mixed Feelings' About Zuffa-Strikeforce Purchase
  230. Daley Discusses Upcoming Title Shot
  231. The most comprehensive argument for women's MMA that you will see this year
  232. Former MMA fighter shot dead at the Mexican border
  233. Nine Ways of Looking at Strikeforce: Diaz vs. Daley
  234. Cecil Peoples, the Blind Referee
  235. This One Is For NateR
  236. Bellator 37, 38, 39 Videos
  237. Strikeforce **Spoiler**
  238. Strikeforce: Diaz vs Daley (Videos)
  239. Tonight's Bellator HW!
  240. Bellatore 40 results!
  241. Bellator 40 (Videos)
  242. 8 Ways of Looking at Nick Diaz
  243. Gina Carano's Opponent Pulls Out of Fight Due to . . . Pregnancy
  244. Nick Diaz Retiring from MMA
  245. DREAM 'Fight for Japan' Grand Prix set for May 29th
  246. Bellator 41 (Videos)
  247. Former Boxing Champ Jeff Lacy Confirms Interest in Fighting Nick Diaz
  248. MiddleEasy.com Calls Conspiracy on Zuffa
  249. MFC Owner Complains about Refs Charging too Much
  250. Rogan Blasts Judging/Scoring Again