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  1. What is Playboy thinking?
  2. Hendo vs Shields Being Finalized For April CBS Event
  3. Radio Interview: King Mo Talks Mike Whitehead
  4. Diaz v Zaromskis
  5. Strike force main event spoiler.
  6. Fighter Of The Year...who would you choose?
  7. Fedor v Werdum in April
  8. Cung Le
  10. Looking for a link to the Cung Le/Scott Smith fight!
  11. 'Cyborg', Diaz, Lashley and Herschel Walker all confirmed for next Strikeforce card
  12. Trash Talks In DREAM vs Sengoku Dynamite!! Presser
  14. Minowaman Sharpens His Kung Fu Against Sokoudjou
  15. UFC Undisputed 2009 Question
  16. Fighter Of The Year POLL
  17. Fighters You Respect
  18. Best Of 2009: Breakthrough Fighters
  19. Michael "The Voice" Schiavello Dynamite!! Radio Interview
  20. Record for Finishing Fights
  21. WEC Predictions
  22. What's up with Tim Sylvia?
  24. My next fight!
  25. Do you think MMA will ever be an Olympic sport?
  27. Jeremy Horn Fights This Month!!
  28. Aoki's Arm Break Fight Vid-Ouch!
  29. Jens Pulver on his next fight in March
  30. Strikeforce Negotiating w/ Huerta & Barnett
  31. Herschel Walker gets opponet
  32. Strikeforce Negotiating With Josh Barnett
  33. More Jens fight talk, takes dig at Pat Miletich
  35. Not heard on TV
  36. Freestyle Cage Fighting Women’s 135 lbs Grand Prix
  37. Fedor/Werdum?????
  38. Herschel Walker Discusses Strikeforce Debut, Proving Doubters Wrong
  39. AKA's Javier Mendez Is In Favor Of His Fighters Fighting Each Other
  40. Sherdog's Story of the Year
  41. Bob Shamrock passes
  42. Georgi Karakhanyan ~ The Humble And The Insane
  43. Jens Pulver Film Needs Your Support!
  44. JUJU for JOJO!!
  45. Live video chat with Arlovski tomorrow
  46. Bobby Lashley's next opponent revealed
  47. Jackie Chan Does Not Like MMA
  48. Joey Villasenor signs with Strikeforce
  49. Nick Diaz: "GSP Is A P*SSY"
  50. "Krazy Horse" Bennett Assaulted a Teammate with a Piece of Steel? From Behind.
  51. Tim Sylvia Vs Wes Sims
  52. Should Drug Testing be Stricter?
  53. Igor Karaev Interview: The Russian Connection
  54. Courage Fighting Championships
  55. Jens Picture makes Fighters Only!
  56. MMATKO
  57. JUJU for Robbie Lawler
  58. Strikeforce Interview Exclusive With Marloes Coenen
  59. Diaz vs Zaromskis this Saturday!
  60. Bobby Lashley vs. Wes Sims
  61. Strikeforce 1/30/10
  62. Nick Diaz Talks Marius Zaromskis
  63. MMA superheros fighting crime **VID**
  64. Alex Reid wins Celebrity Big Brother
  65. Eric Schafer Grappling
  66. Refs Seeing Red?
  67. Miletich vs F Shamrock
  68. The Korean Zombie Prepares Against Former Lumpinee Champ
  69. KING MO and Paul Daley Being D-Bags
  70. Strikeforce Salaries
  71. WEC offically announces first PPV April 24
  72. Eric Schafer work out videos
  73. Farewell Hidehiko Yoshida Fight Announced
  74. Eddie Alvarez On The Aoki Loss
  75. Gegard Mousasi severs ties with M-1 Global
  76. Niko Vitale ~ Showing What He’s About
  77. Fantastic Artical
  78. WAR WAND Campaign
  79. Ken Shamrock Talks About His Career, Pay & His Father
  80. I finaly seen the Hersheal Walker fight online!
  81. Ohio commission turns down Sims vs. Sylvia
  82. Cotto training in MMA
  83. Jens Pulver Has Secret Weapon For WEC 47
  84. LC Davis Video Blog for WEC
  85. WHOOOH! WON my amature mma debut!
  86. Hashi Wants To Crush Kaufman To Win The Strikeforce Title
  87. Karl Amoussou Among the Fastest Finishers in MMA
  89. Hendo V Shields Signed
  90. Ricardo Mayorga vs Din Thomas
  91. Zoe preping for her MMA debut *pics*
  92. Myrtle beach, SC mma event
  93. WEC predictions, and you best be picking Pulver
  94. M1 is such a joke
  95. Barnett signs with Dream
  96. DREAM confirms Aoki vs Melendez; Diaz to fight in May
  97. WEC weigh in video
  98. did you know Ref Greg Franklin
  99. Tributes paid to Pulver at WEC postfight Press conference
  100. Brian Bowles, lack of heart?
  101. Cage Potatoe Tribute to Jens Pulver
  102. Jens Pulver speaks about Life after WEC47
  103. Cruiserweight Champion B.J. Flores to MMA
  104. Charles Lewis, First Years Mind
  105. WEC GM doesn't want Pulver to fight again
  106. Mariusz Pudzianowski signs to fight Tim Sylvia
  107. My first fight is in the works
  108. Bellator snag Roger Huerta
  109. 10 sorriest excuses in MMA history
  110. Dream 13 Supports
  111. Interview - K.J. Noons
  112. Rationale for Overeem vs Rogers
  113. Lavar Johnson, main event in strikeforce after shooting
  114. Home town Coke head is fighting one king of the cage on the 26th
  115. Old Sherdog Rankings 2000's
  116. Fedor Confirmed
  117. I GOT A FIGHT !!!!!!
  118. Pat Miletich commentator on strikeforce??
  119. War Machine arrested again
  120. The 'Ninja Choke'!
  121. MMA Addict
  122. UFC veteran Mike Whitehead wanted by Las Vegas police on sexual assault and drug char
  123. Petruzelli Ready For BAMMA Then UFC
  124. Huerta physically abused by mother as a kid
  125. Kimo has lost the plot!
  126. Atlanta Falcons Become First NFL Team to Incorporate Team-Sponsored MMA Training
  127. Robbie
  128. "Strikeforce: Nashville" on CBS, Apr 17th
  129. Strikeforce is a joke.....
  130. Who the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was that fighting Jake Shields last night?!?!?
  131. Nick Diaz talks about brawl
  132. A 3d Story: My trip to Strikeforce Weigh ins
  133. The future of Jiu Jitsu meets its match
  134. Who's getting the WEC this weekend?
  135. WEC 48 Predictions!
  136. Ryan Thomas Talks About Returning To Bellator
  137. Peruvian Fighter Charged with Manslaughter After Training Death
  138. 'How Far They've Fallen' Alert: Matt Lindland
  139. ***SPOILERS*** WEC 48 ***SPOILERS***
  140. another fight not going to happen
  141. Fair Weather Fan, Much?
  142. Video: Confirmed: Alexsander Emelianenko is a Sith Lord
  143. Urijah Faber's hometown newspaper says "Retire. Retire now":
  144. Strikeforce STL
  145. Jens Pulver: Big Announcement!
  146. Top Five Worst MMA Ideas
  147. Top Ten Staph infections in MMA history
  148. The Truth Abuot Fighting Hurt
  149. WEC 48 fighter payouts and salaries for 'Aldo vs Faber'
  150. I know Jens' Big Announcement Before Dave Does!!!!!!
  151. Faber's Leg
  152. Liam Henderson won again
  153. Tennessee Commission Cites 6 in Strikeforce Brawl
  154. Do Hardcore Mixed Martial Arts Fans Hamper the Growth of the Sport?
  155. Top 5 Worst MMA Relationships
  156. Fedor Returns June 26th
  157. Mariusz Pudzianowski is Bad
  158. 6 MMA Rules Changes That Need to Happen Immediately
  159. Huerta loses in Bellator
  160. The Gracie Hunter's back
  161. Jens Pulver Says He's Not Retired Yet
  162. that "fancy pants" person
  163. W.Silva doing auction to help Will Reberio
  164. Don King Getting His Hands Into MMA
  165. Strikeforce STL
  166. ‘Cyborg’ Joins Fedor at June 26 Strikeforce
  167. Strikeforce Hasn't Spoken to CBS Since Nashville Brawl
  168. MMA & the Legal Injunction: A History
  169. SF Heavy Artillery Weigh Ins and picks (5/15)
  170. Strikforce Spoilers
  171. Impact Fighting Championships = UFC's Seniors Tour/VA/Retirement Home
  172. Amazing fighting action!!!
  173. Pound - for - Pound Rankings
  175. Striekforce (Thoughts about them as a company)
  176. Jojo has a fight
  177. Tim Sylvia Claims He Ruined Arlovski
  178. VERY VERY VERY!!!!! COOL!!!!!
  179. ohh.. would be fun to have..
  180. Fighter Video Blogs
  181. Ten Most Notorious Lawsuits in MMA History
  182. Impact FC:Uprising
  183. Moosin (Death of Tim Sylvia?)
  184. 2010, best year for MMA fans ever
  185. First Time Competing Since Cancer
  186. War Machine: "So This Was My First Fight As A Christian . . ."
  187. Strikeforce BS
  188. New Jens Pulver Training Video
  189. Team End Game.
  190. MMA Pioneer Series: Sebastiaan "Bas" Rutten
  191. fighting high
  192. A Look at MMA Stars on Film
  193. Pat Curran wins Bellator Season 2 Lightweight Championship
  194. Video of Dennis Hallman saying 50% of fighters take steroids
  195. my first fight was last night
  196. WEC 49 Predictions
  197. New York MMA Sanctioning Nearing Decision Time for Possible 2010 Event
  198. Strikeforce L.A. **Spoilers**
  200. Freddie Roach stating the obvious . . . almost
  201. Strikeforce predictions for Fedor/Werdum
  202. Batista signs with Strikeforce
  203. My View on WEC
  204. What's bigger, Strikeforce or WEC?
  205. JOJ fights for TITLE TOMORROW!!!!
  206. Potential Strikeforce MW GP
  207. I've got a fight too
  208. Eight-Woman Field Set for Bellator Tournament
  209. Jens & Big Tim set to fight (not each other) 1 week after Matt
  210. Frank Shamrock formally announces his retirement
  211. OMG Fire that ref!!!! SPOILER!!!
  212. Spoiler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  213. Strikeforce Fedor/Werdum Full Video Torrent
  214. A real championship!
  215. Another death in MMA
  216. What should Fedor's next move be?
  217. This is the man who beat Fedor?
  218. Strikeforce Releases Shields; Shields Wants Shot at Anderson Silva
  219. Gracies break down Fedor/Werdum
  220. M-1 Global Closing Head Offices
  221. DREAM makes no sense
  222. I'm Brock Lesnar's Teammate!!
  223. Kim Couture loses . . . again
  224. Kennedy/Jacare for SF MW Strap
  225. The Art of Trash Talk
  226. Moosin Plans 2nd US Show Healined by Sylvia & Puds
  227. Karson Pulver wrestling
  228. Ken Shamrock Loses Again: Impact FC Results
  229. When they were kids-Guess the mma guy
  230. MMA Throwdown bed!!
  231. NBC to air Women's MMA Reality Show
  232. Strikeforce to hold 4-Women 135lb Tourney
  233. Vancouver kills MMA
  234. Your MMA Memorabilia
  235. Mayhem talks Nick Daiz/ Diaz answers *VID*
  236. Impact FC: Salaries not coming from a land down under
  237. Ban the Power-Bomb
  238. 70 Year old Fights in MMA bout
  239. WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!
  240. Roger HUerta stomps out guy in the street (the guy KOed a girl)
  241. Prediction Champs Thread of Fame
  242. shark fights is pretty on a pretty good card
  243. My fight
  245. Noted MMA trainer’s skills save him from suspected serial killer in home invasion
  246. Pulver and Penn make peace (Video)
  247. WEC 50 Predictions Thread
  248. Pulver Tattoos (pic)
  249. MMA Sanctioned in Ontario!!!!!!
  250. whoooh I'm 2 - 0 now amature mma!