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  1. FX to stop carrying sports, FUEL and Speed to be rebranded FOX Sports channels
  2. Signal to Noise: UFC on FX 7's best and worst
  3. Updated: UFC Tonight reveals many former Strikeforce fighters set to move to the UFC
  4. UFC on FOX 6 Predictions (For Siggie)
  5. Mazzagatti to ref Aldo vs. Edgar, Adelaide Byrd listed as one of the judges
  6. Georges St-Pierre: Nick Diaz was rightful No. 1 contender over Johny Hendricks
  7. UFC on FOX 6 *Spoilers*
  8. Apparently, JDS lost his belt at UFC 155 because Frank Mir practices black magic
  9. An article to satiate Amy's bloodlust
  10. UFC 156 Predictions Thread (For Siggie)
  11. Dana White unhappy with Cpt. America
  12. UFC 156 *Spoilers*
  13. UFC 156 Fighter salaries (Look at Overeem)
  14. Post Fight Conference question
  15. Matt being attacked on Facebook!
  16. FightMetric Teams up with Ultimate Fighting Championship to Offer UFC Fighter Ranking
  17. UFC on Fuel 7 Predictions (For Siggie)
  18. Rory MacDonald injured, Condit vs Hendricks now at UFC 158
  19. UFC 157 Predictions Thread (For Siggie)
  20. "I'm not Impressed by your performance" Aftermath!
  21. Jon Fitch and others cut from UFC
  22. This thread is just for Amy. Don't look at the pics I'm posting in here
  23. Dana White's Ear surgery went bad
  24. UFC 157: Josh Koscheck vs. Robbie Lawler Preview and the Prognostication
  25. UFC 157 GIFathon: Rousey, Machida, Faber, and more!
  26. UFC 157 *Spoilers*
  27. The UFC have a big name to cut from last night...
  28. Aldo refusing to fight Pettis
  29. Dana close to pulling GSP v Diaz again
  30. UFC Japan on Fuel TV 8 Predictions (non Siggie)
  31. Aldo agrees to Pettis fight, will get LW title shot with a win
  32. Matt Riddle was busted for marijuana for the second time and is now cut from the UFC
  33. Dana says Ronda 's 'Hunger Games' role can't pay her the kind of money the UFC can
  34. UFC 157 results: Ronda Rousey survives by the skin of her teeth
  35. Kenny Robertson's 'Suloev Stretch' kneebar submission against Brock Jardine
  36. Alistair Overeem's testosterone level dangerously low in Antonio Silva fight
  37. Jens Pulver's controversial UFC debut
  38. Overeem injured, JDS vs Mark Hunt at UFC 160
  39. UFC 158 Predictions Thread
  40. UFC 158 ***SPOILERS*** Thread
  41. GSP...I know I know...
  42. Korean Zombie says GSP's Rising Sun gi is as bad as wearing a Nazi swastika
  43. Great Smokey Jokey, Diaz camp is must be HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH!
  44. UFC on Fuel 9 Predictions Thread
  45. Swedish MMA Federation rules Alexander Gustafsson medically unfit for UFC on FUEL 9
  46. Ilir Latifi replaces Alexander Gustafsson vs. Gegard Mousasi at UFC on Fuel 9
  47. Shinya Aoki dominates Kotetsu Boku to claim ONE FC lightweight strap
  48. Irish Conor McGregor booked for Boston fight after sensational UFC debut
  49. Gegard Mousasi fought Ilir Latifi on injured knee, will undergo surgery
  50. UFC suspends Matt Mitrione for remarks on transgender fighter Fallon Fox
  51. Jones: Sonnen in the 'promote fight' business, I’m in the 'remain champion' business
  52. Dana has no idea why Fedor's manager was front row at UFC on Fuel TV 9
  53. Report: Nate Diaz manager now Mike Kogan, not Cesar Gracie
  54. UFC addresses death of amateur fighter w/ condolences, calls for increased regulation
  55. Anderson Silva and Pele Landi nearly got into a fight on the streets of Curitiba
  56. TUF 17 Finale
  57. UFC adds three fights to July schedule
  59. TUF Finale Question
  60. UFC on Fox 7 Prediction thread
  61. UFC on FOX 7 *SPOILERS*
  62. Picking up Joe Silva will result in immediate time out from the athletic commission
  63. UFC 159 Predictions
  64. Jon Jones: "People like Matt Mitrione are scumbags."
  65. Sit down, relax, and listen to the story of how Chael Sonnen met his girlfriend
  66. Watch Chael Sonnen's mother talk about the time she pulled a shotgun on Yushin Okami
  67. UFC 159 RamTale
  68. UFC 159 *SPOILERS*
  69. UFC parts ways with Cheick Kongo
  70. A little feminine action
  71. Roy Nelson will fight Daniel Cormier for immediate 205-pound UFC title shot
  72. Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier nearly fought each other on the street back in 2011
  73. UFC signs new TV deal in UK, with increase of local events likely to follow
  74. Shane Carwin retires
  75. Leonard Garcia among nine fighters released from UFC
  76. Duane Ludwig uses THC to get 'different look' when studying film
  77. New UFC video game stuck in development nearly 1yr after EA acquires rights from THQ
  78. Rory McDonald gets revenge
  79. Mark Hunt arrested in New Zealand, visa denied for flight to Las Vegas
  80. Near-Death Experiences & Sports Psychologists: Rough Start to Donald Cerrone's Year
  81. UFC on Fox Sports1 - 2
  82. Tim Sylvia has 'unfinished business' with Mir, would settle for Pat Barry bangfest
  83. Outrageous Contracts...
  84. UFC on FX 8 Predictions
  85. Pat Healy has costly positive test for marijuana
  86. Nate Diaz suspended over controversial tweet
  87. UFC on FX 8 ***SPOILERS***
  88. UFC 160 Predictions Thread
  89. UFC top contender Weidman nearly signed with Bellator before contract flap
  90. UFC 160 *SPOILERS*
  91. Forrest Griffin retires, goes into HOF with...Bonnar?!
  92. Miesha Tate awarded 'TUF 18' coaching spot, Ronda Rousey rematch following Cat Zingan
  93. Shogun Rua pulled from UFC 161, might face Chael Sonnen in Boston
  94. UFC on Fuel 10 Predictions
  95. UFC on FUEL 10 *SPOILERS*
  96. UFC 161 Predictions
  97. Pettis injures knee, TKZ to face Aldo
  98. UFC 161 *SPOILERS*
  99. and the UFC just become anti 2nd amendment
  100. Congratulations, Chael Sonnen!
  101. UFC 162 Predictions
  102. Ram Tale: Fan Expo/UFC 162
  103. UFC 162 *SPOILERS*
  104. Fighter Salaries....
  105. Brian Stann has retired
  106. T.J. Grant injured, Anthony Pettis now meets champ Benson Henderson at UFC 164
  107. Weidman/Silva Rematch set for UFC 168!
  108. Texts From Last Fight: UFC 162
  109. Anderson Silva Clowning His Opponents: A History In GIFs
  110. Korean Zombie's last training session before flying to Brazil to face Jose Aldo
  111. Dana White dropped a verbal nuke this morning aimed directly at Sports Illustrated
  112. Robbie Lawler vs Bobby Voekler
  113. UFC on FOX 8 Predictions Thread
  114. UFC in FOX 8 *SPOILERS*
  115. UFC 163 Predictions Thread
  116. BloodyElbow GIF-a-thon
  117. Sly casts Rousey in 'Expendables 3'
  118. UFC Hires Neo-Nazi Fighter...
  119. UFC 163 ***SPOILERS***
  120. My Idea: UFC Masters: The Champs Division
  121. Chael Sonnen gets license for UFC Fight Night 26
  122. UFN 26 Predictions Thread
  123. Dana White offers Nick Diaz fight against Lyoto Machida at middleweight
  124. Fox Sports 1 reaches crucial carriage deals before launch
  125. Four UFC fighters set to compete at ADCC 2013
  126. UFN 26 *SPOILERS*
  127. Wanderlei Silva's reaction to Chael Sonnen submitting Shogun Rua is priceless
  128. Statement regarding Stefan Struve's heart condition
  129. UFC, Vitor & TRT
  130. Robbie Lawler will square off against Rory MacDonald at UFC 167
  131. Donald Cerrone charged with third-degree assault in Colorado 'boat rage' incident
  132. If you want Lyoto Machida vs. Tim Kennedy then you're going to get it on November 6th
  133. UFC 27 ***SPOILERS***
  134. UFC 164 Predictions thread
  135. Vitor Belfort says TRT isn’t the reason why he’s fighting in Brazil
  136. Josh Barnett calls UFC 164 fight with Frank Mir 'a defense of my title'
  137. Josh Barnett to Ben Askren: ‘Go f--k yourself'
  138. UFC 164 ***SPOILERS***
  139. UFC 164 *SPOILERS*
  140. On day of Ryan Couture's UFC bout, Spike and Xtreme Couture plan special message
  141. UFN 28 predictions thread
  142. Sean Sherk retires
  143. UFN 28 Predictions/***SPOILERS***
  144. UFC 167 looks sick...
  145. Dana White calls latest TV ratings part of 'building process'
  146. Matt Grice is in intensive care unit after reported car accident
  147. Johny Hendricks: GSP 'threw me under the bus' on 'shady' VADA testing
  148. Anderson Silva: Chael Sonnen will be the next president of the U.S.
  149. "1" - The Final Journey of Evan Tanner
  150. Dan Henderson on Vitor Belfort’s TRT: I beat him when he was on steroids
  151. UFC 165 Predictions thread
  152. Josh Thomson vs Anthony Pettis for LW title
  153. How fighters are like fashion models, and what that means for MMA union dreams
  154. Ken Shamrock rails against Dana White in Twitter onslaught
  155. T.J. Grant's sensible response to concussion woes, and why it should worry us
  156. Ontario Athletic Commission doesn't even know which PEDs are illegal for UFC 165
  157. UFC 165 ***SPOILERS***
  158. Today's MMA Hour is friggin' STACKED!
  159. Wanderlei Silva wants to ‘destroy’ Chael Sonnen in Oregon
  160. Full scorecard for UFC 165 main event
  161. Tito Ortiz tries to organize gang of UFC Hall of Famers to crash 20th anniversary UFC
  162. Nate Diaz just gave the greatest excuse for not making it to his upcoming fight
  163. Jon Jones turns down rematch with Gustafsson, goes with Glover Teixeira instead
  164. TUF Reviews by WomensMMARoundup
  165. Michael Bisping out, Lyoto Machida in against Mark Munoz on Oct. 26
  166. UFC 227 musings - The Onion
  167. Chael vs. Wandi continues
  168. UFC Ultimate Fight Night 29 Predictions Thread
  169. Sonnen on importance of promotion/why to never say 'I'll fight whoever the UFC wants'
  170. UFC will kick off 'European Tour' next March in London (updated)
  171. Rousimar Palhares released from the UFC (updated)
  172. former THQ employee's take on THQ suing EA and ZUFFA over rights to the UFC
  173. The Top Ten Joe Silva Reactions In MMA History
  174. Ufc 166 predictions thread
  175. Ahead of UFC 166, Junior dos Santos required stitches on facial cut
  176. UFC 166 *SPOILERS*
  177. UFN 30 Predictions Thread
  178. UFN 30 ***SPOILERS***
  179. UFC FFTT 3 Predictions Thread
  180. UFN 32 Predictions Thread
  181. UFN 31 video to thank troops
  182. UFN 31 Card & *SPOILERS*
  183. UFN 32 *SPOILERS*
  184. Dana re: Hendo - We'll talk...
  185. UFN 32 gifs
  186. UFC 167 predictions thread
  187. UFC 167 Weigh Ins
  188. UFC 167 *SPOILERS*
  189. Robbie Lawler
  190. GSP lost #Fight Metric Data
  191. Rich Franklin wants to retire :(
  192. TUF 18 Finale Tomorrow
  193. TUF 18 *SPOILERS*
  194. UFN 33 Predictions Thread
  195. UFN 33 *SPOILERS*
  196. UFC on Fox 9 Predictions
  197. GSP to discuss future today
  198. Robbie vs Hendricks for title!!!
  199. UFC Cover Atheletes
  200. UFC on FOX 9 *SPOILERS*
  201. Bigfoot suspended for doping
  202. Fighter Of The Year
  204. UFC 168 Predictions
  205. UFC Fight Pass digital network
  206. UFC 168 *SPOILERS*
  207. Anderson Silva vs. Kevin Ware: Whose injury was worse? Silva's ex-surgeon opens up
  208. UFN 34 Predictions Thread
  209. Tim Kennedy v. Spitsbing
  210. UFC Digi-Net - Will you pay for it?
  211. Kevin Ware on Spider's Injury
  212. Diego Brandao confirms he threatened to stab Dustin Poirier
  213. Watching UFC fights on the Internet over breakfast is...something
  214. Cruz injured; Faber vs Barao for title
  215. Serra confesses to audio from Weidman's corner at UFC 168, "It’s not how it sounded"
  216. UFN 35 Predictions
  217. Another of my buddies in the UFC
  218. Cat Zingano's Husband Dead
  219. UFN 35 *SPOILERS*
  220. Whiny Whiner
  221. Most common subs in UFC history, graphically displayed
  222. Keith Kizer steps down as head of Nevada State Athletic Commission
  223. UFN 36 Predictions
  224. Rich Franklin: UFC isn't in the 'giving away money' business
  225. UFC on FOX 10 *SPOILERS*
  226. UFC on FOX 10 is…well, it is what it is
  227. UFC 169 Predictions
  228. UFC's White backs doctor bid for testosterone ban
  229. Dana White on Roy Nelson's NAC application: 'What a f------ moron"
  230. UFC 169 *SPOILERS*
  231. Arrest at home of Thiago Silva by SWAT after incident at jiu-jitsu school
  232. UFN 36 Predictions
  233. UFC Institutes ‘Performance of the Night’ to Replace Knockout, Submission Bonuses
  234. Rashad injured, out of UFC 170 fight
  235. Georges St-Pierre would return to UFC if things change
  236. Dana White says Alistair Overeem 'wants nothing to do with' Junior dos Santos
  237. Ronda Rousey answers Jon Jones: 'I'm owed a little bit of help, damnit'
  238. Fight world goes a little crazy during otherwise quiet MMA week
  239. Despite efforts, UFC loses 'millions and millions' of dollars annually to piracy
  240. Trading Shots
  241. Feared grappler Ronda Rousey: I'm also the best striker
  242. Does the UFC Need to Pay for Athlete Rehab Like the WWE?
  243. Dana White: UFC Working on Deal to Create a Standard UFC Uniform
  244. Ronda Rousey lost her Olympic bronze medal at a bar
  245. Vitor Belfort wants Chris Weidman to have extra drug tests for UFC 173
  246. Wanderlei Silva rips Chael Sonnen over TRT use
  247. How much can the Internet teach you about fighting? You might be surprised
  248. Retired fighter Nate Quarry takes UFC to task on potential uniform, fighter treatment
  249. Nate Quarry, MMA fighters taking wrong approach to better pay, benefits from UFC
  250. UFC170 Predictions