1911 Project

   September 12th, 2010

First off, if you’re wondering what the title of this thread is about, I recently had a guy make me a custom 1911 pistol and he did a great job on it. If you want to read about what he did and see some more pictures then click on the image below:

1911 Project

This Saturday, I’ll be in Union, Missouri for some fights. Here is a poster of the event, I hope to meet some of you out there:

Last weekend I went up to South Dakota for Pat Flanigan’s wedding. I’ll try and round up some pictures of me in a tux and post those at some point in the future.

Finally, Dana called me yesterday and we had an interesting conversation about the November 20th UFC in Detroit. More news about that down the road.

Here is the Bible verse for this week:

Whereas you know not what shall be tomorrow. For what is your life? It is a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. (James 4:1)


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Brian LaBelle Says:

OH man Im already excited a UFC in my back yard but a Hughes fight I may cry

Cameron Says:

Love the 1911 Matt. I have an M9 and I have been wanting a new pistol myself. That last part about the November 20th UFC has me and some buddies smiling. Whoever and whenever just do me one favor…knock them stupid man.

Bonedoc Says:

Wow, amazing gun. Would like to here how it shoots Matt, and maybe some before and after pics. Anxious to hear about the November UFC and what DW had to say.

Bonedoc Says:

oops - hear

raymond payne Says:

I thought you was going to take time off and hunt that would be in the middle of deer season must be a title fight.

wiley guy Says:

Could it be the same conversation he had with a paticular chubby little Hawaiian????? hmmmmmmmm…. I feel like I am reading your mind…… It must be the Hillsboro energy…

Sam Hiemstra Says:

Does the “interesting conversation” with Dana have to do with a winner of a Dennis Hallman/Karo Parisyan fight rumored to be at UFC 123…. Vengeance is Mine saith the Lord…. Time for Hallman to go down :-)

John King Says:


Awesome gun! Wish I could go to MO this weekend but I will be at the ufc in Indy the 25th, wondering if you will be there. Now you got me stressing on your next fight?? Tell us!! Either way, can’t wait. God Bless

John Allen Says:

perhaps a 3rd bout with Mr. Penn?

daniel higdon Says:

Hughes vs Penn III…..duh.

Jamie Says:

Matt Hughes vs BJ Penn

The Trilogy…at UFC 123 in Detroit

Craig Says:

Please dominate PENN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Penn-Hughes III at UFC 123 | MMA Cage Door Says:

[...] BJ Penn had something to do with it.  Over the weekend, Hughes made the following comments on his website: “Dana [White] called me yesterday and we had an interesting conversation about the November [...]

Erik Says:

Dont take the fight Matt!!!!!! Nothing to prove and nothing to gain! Fight a contender in the welterweight division and get your title back…. Dont let pride ruin this one, we all know you can reign supreme in this division!

whitaker Says:

John hit it on the nose, mmaweekly announced official hughes vs penn 3. wouldnt be my pic but it will do watching you beat penn. little too easy for you if you ask me

Zak Fender Says:

Very excited to hear you may be fighting in Detroit! I’ve been patiently waiting for the UFC to FINALLY come to Michigan and I’m so stoked that you could be fighting a certain little man named Penn. This gets me more amped for the show!

Cameron Says:

I think most people would rather see Hallman (for obvious reasons) or Fitch since he isn’t going to fight GSP or Kos anytime soon. Fitch has to fight somebody while he waits and what better way to show who is next in line than Hughes vs Fitch? Penn after 2 straight losses fighting in his weaker division of welterweight just doesn’t matter to me. That said, I’ll never complain about watching Matt shut BJ Penn up…again.

Cameron Says:

And after using the interweb like I should have in the first place it is pretty obvious it’s Penn Hughes 3. Not my favorite matchup to see but I guess most people (including casual fans) will eat this up. Either way should be fun! go for another title run Matt it’s time!

Lucas Says:

Its Penn for sure. Good stuff

bob Says:

according to the fight network matt hughes will fight bj penn at 170 in a rubber match. not sure on the date

Matt C. Says:

Well, since things didn’t pan out and the UFC was unable to secure a spot in Chicago for the Novemeber card it looks like we’ll just have to come out to Detroit and see you beat up BJ.

Fantastic timing for the both of you, career-wise, at least. Cannot wait for this. Best of luck!

r-dawg Says:

a fight b/w matt and bj would make for an exciting fight. let’s make it happen!

Keegan Says:

There are many many sites going around with you vs Penn.Also confirming sites.I could go back,and trail them and post the links as a source,but I’m pretty sure you’ll let everyone know soon.Anyways.Penn won’t make it past the 3rd round,and you’re continually getting better.Hughes ftw of course.No offense to BJ,but maybe that’ll be the nail in the coffin.He doesn’t have the fire he once had.He’s lost the ambition to fight I think,and it shows in his performances.

Keegan Says:

I didn’t read all the posts,but yeah everyone is getting the same information.Glad I’m not the only one.Cheers everyone.

bob Says:

for those thinking that this will be a steam-roll for hughes, don’t forget that for the 4+ rounds that these two have faught. Penn arguably won 3 1/2 of those. Penn beat hughes bad in their first fight. And dominated him for the first 2 rounds in their second fight before a broken rib derailed his momentum. Penn is still dangerious. Hughes is no where near as fast as edgar is. Matt comes out with one game plan. Pure power and that comes in his wrestling and submissions. His striking is par for the welterweight division. It should be an interesting fight anyway.

Soldier Says:

UFC has just confirmed this will be happening UFC 123 Co Main Event, Rampage Vs Machida- Main Event . One thing for sure is DO NOT DOUBT PENN. This is Penn’s way honestly, He always loses matches but comes back stronger, now that he lost 2 in a row im not to sure, I am a dedicated matt hughes fan but a fight is a fight one slip and your done.

raymond payne Says:

I hope your ready matt I know penn will be up or this one don’t take him lightly but I know you will have a better game plan and I hate to say this forget about huning till the late season.



Fannar Says:

Hei matt train hard for this one, just one think i was thinkin of, why do u not thank jesus any more after your fights, just wondering if it is the heat of the moment think.

Cameron Says:

raymond payne don’t worry he isn’t giving up the hunting season. Matt is going to be hunting Hawaiians instead!

MPMajorMike Says:

Matt - You have BJ’s number now!

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