27 MAY 2006 - Training for UFC 60: Final Installment
UFC 60 is only a few hours away! To help pass the time here's the last video in our exclusive series which highlights Matt's training and preparation to face Royce Gracie. Enjoy.

Training for UFC 60 - Part 5

22 MAY 2006 - Fake MySpace Accounts
Well, unfortunately, it seems that people are still being duped by imposters on MySpace. We've been able to get one of these fake sites shut down, but there are others. Here are some of the imposters to watch out for:

"Matt-Hughes.com" (added 23 May 2006)
M A T T ! ! ! (added 26 May 2006)

Below is a photo taken of Matt that lists the fake accounts that we know of right now, this is the "MySpace Salute" that we used to get the first site on this list shut down. However, the other three are still active, so be careful that you don't get fooled. If Matt ever does decide to start a MySpace site, then we will announce it here and post a link on the front page. Otherwise, don't be taken in by liars and imposters.

Fake MySpace Accounts

21 MAY 2006 - UFC 60 Countdown Special Premieres Tomorrow Night
The SpikeTV special Countdown to UFC 60: Hughes vs. Gracie will premiere tomorrow night at 10PM ET so be sure to tune in! If you miss it tomorrow, don't worry because it will re-air on Thursday at 9PM and once again on Saturday at 6PM.
See the TV ad
UFC 60 Promotional ad

15 MAY 2006 - Autographed Coat Auctions on Ebay
The Montgomery County Realty of Hillsboro, IL is auctioning off three autographed coats on Ebay right now. All of these coats have been personally donated and autographed by Matt. All the proceeds of these auctions will benefit the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization of Montgomery County. If you have any questions, please contact Kimberly S. Noyes ([email protected]) or 217-532-2525.
Click below to bid on the coats!

Leather Jacket
Item# 8811285815
Nautica Jacket
Item# 8811291584
Gap Jacket
Item# 8811288142

13 MAY 2006 - New Video Series: Training for UFC 60
Over the next few weeks, we will be offering an exclusive glimpse inside the MFS camp as Matt prepares for his fight with Royce Gracie on May 27th. About once a week or so, we will be adding more clips which will be at least 30 seconds to a minute long. Enjoy.

6 MAY 2006 - Cover Story for Ultimate Grappling Magazine
"Is there a connection between UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes growing up on a farm and his success in MMA? Yeah, man. You better believe it."
The June 2006 issue of Ultimate Grappling magazine features an in-depth interview with Matt, where he talks about his preparation and his thoughts on the upcoming fight with Royce Gracie. This issue is on the shelves right now, so go get yourself a copy!

28 APR 2006 - Matt Featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine
"UFC Champion Matt Hughes is preparing for the fight of his life the only way he knows how: with hardcore weight training."
The most recent issue (June 2006) of Muscle & Fitness magazine features a four-page article outlining some of Matt's weight training routines. The magazine is on the shelves right now, so be sure to pick up your copy today!

27 MAR 2006 - New T-Shirt and Women's Tank Top!
We are now offering a new "Country Boys Can Survive" version of the red Octagon Style shirt and the all-new women's 'one size fits most' tank top. Go to the store...

27 MAR 2006 - My Week at MFS
This is Nathan Rosario, the webmaster for this site, and last week I got to spend a few days in Iowa with Matt and the rest of the Miletich camp.  Like many others, this has been a dream of mine for years and it turned out to be a much more awesome experience than I could have imagined.  I was there to get reference material for a project that we will be showcasing here on the site in the next week or so (if you've been active in the forums, you've already seen it; but keep your eyes on the Fan Art section); however I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of the hardest working team in the MMA world.
What impressed me the most was the intensity of their training.  I've witnessed (and participated in) some tough workouts in my days in the Army; but that was usually motivated by some Drill Sergeant yelling and threatening young kids who were only pushing themselves because there was a maniac screaming into their ear.  This was different because nobody was in that gym who didn't want to be there.  Everybody was there to push themselves and their teammates as hard as they possibly could.
Even the SpikeTV camera crew (who were shadowing Matt the whole time) commented on how the training that goes on in the Miletich gym is more intense than anything they had seen in other gyms.  Nobody is working harder than these guys, it's the best gym in the world to train at and everyone there knows it.
I was actually caught a bit unprepared when I got there.  I had no idea that Matt and Pat Miletich would let me lift weights with them, so I showed up the first couple of days in regular clothes.  But they put me to work and I'm still sore as I type this.  So if you see video footage of some joker working out in blue jeans, then you'll know what happened.
Let me just finish by saying that Matt is in the best physical condition of his career and ready to step into that octagon and fight Royce Gracie right this minute.  I'm not in the habit of predicting the outcome of fights, but I don't believe that Royce is prepared for what he is about to face.  And I'm confident that he is not training at anywhere near the same level of intensity that Matt is training right now.

25 MAR 2006 - A Special Thanks to Kevin's
Chris Zielinski of Kevin's was responsible in getting Army of One Beanies donated to the Rancho 3M orphanage this past week. It was the first corporate donation we have received to this point, but hopefully not the last. We have been working with Chris and his company over the past couple of months on a few new products to be introduced soon and we would like to publicly thank Chris and the management team at Kevin's for their generosity. Their website is www.kevins.biz

17 MAR 2006 - MySpace Imposters
It has recently been brought to our attention that there are individuals on MySpace claiming to be Matt. Just to set the record straight, Matt does not have a MySpace account. He has never had an account and has no plans to start one. So, simply put, anyone on that site claiming to be Matt is a fraud.

11 MAR 2006 - UFC 60 Tickets
Tickets for UFC 60: HUGHES vs. GRACIE are available today, starting at 10:00 AM and are priced at $1,000, $800, $600, $400, $200, $100 and $50 (additional service charges may apply). Tickets are available online at ticketmaster.com, via Ticketmaster charge-by-phone lines at (213) 480-3232, (714) 740-2000 or (702) 474-4000 (Las Vegas) and at all Ticketmaster ticket centers including Robinsons-May, Tower Records and Ritmo Latino locations. Tickets are also available at the STAPLES Center box office and are available for purchase at www.ufc.com or www.staplescenter.com.
Full story at UFC.com

3 MAR 2006 - Rancho3M Photo Gallery!
Well the final two galleries of photos from Matt's recent mission trip to the Rancho3M orphanage are now posted.
Click here to see.

26 FEB 2006 - Training/Nutrition section is up!
We are happy to feature Matt's training and diet routines. We hope this information will be beneficial to everyone who reads it.
Visit the section here.

10 FEB 2006 - New T-Shirts Available Now!
We have two new T-shirts available in the store with the all-new Octagon Style logo printed on the back. We will have more items in soon, including new female shirts and the Army of the One beanies.
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17 JAN 2006 - Matt Hughes vs. Royce Gracie!
Matt is set to fight Royce Gracie in May. As of now the exact date is not known, but as soon as that information becomes available we will announce it here.(video)
Read the complete story at UFC.tv
Matt Hughes - A Legend Awaits