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07 JUL 2007 - 'The Matt Hughes Story'
2-Disc DVD Set Available Now!

New from Century Martial Arts:
Since his first mixed martial arts fight in 1996, Matt Hughes has traveled from Japan to Abu Dhabi and all across the U.S. to become the most dominate UFC® welterweight champion of all time. Watch highlights from some of his greatest UFC fights in this special 2-Disc set on The Matt Hughes Story.

In Disc 1, get a rare glimpse into the life behind this fighter's rough exterior. This personal biography includes exclusive interviews with Matt's twin brother, Mark, his parents, friends, college coaches, and many others. Also included is never-before-seen footage from one of Matt's first mixed martial arts fights with a prize of only $100.
Disc 2 of the series includes MMA instruction from nine-time UFC Welterweight World Champion Matt Hughes. Watch and learn as Matt teaches his training secrets and gives insight to the mixed martial arts game. Starting with basic concepts of knowing your environment, researching your opponent and choosing your corner men, Matt gives you tips on how to train for an upcoming fight. He goes over stand up fighting, kicks and closing the distance. Matt also includes instruction on his powerful and world-renowned ground game with training techniques on take-downs, defense to take-downs, striking on the ground, submissions and submission defense.
Click Here to order your copy today!

Team Hughes at the Hillsboro Golden Grille Challenge
Golden Grille Challenge winners
The 2007 Golden Grille Challenge winners: Matt, Donna & Carl Reynolds (Team Grillsboro), Mark.
Photo: Journal-News/Nancy Slepicka
Matt and Mark made a good showing for their debut in the 2nd Annual Golden Grille Challenge in Hillsboro, IL, which took place Saturday, June 2nd, 2007. They won two of the three awards: Showmanship and Taster's Choice. The Judge's Choice award went to last year's winners, Donna and Carl Reynolds.
Each team could serve up to two entrees and everything had to be cooked on site, no pre-prepared meats were allowed. Matt chose ribs for his entree and Mark made pork chops, each using their own secret recipes.

Matt prepares his ribs.
Journal-News/Nancy Slepicka

Matt and Mark work hard to have their entrees ready for the contest.
Journal-News/Nancy Slepicka

With as busy as they were, Matt still found time to psyche out the competition. In this case, Jeff Eisentraut (black shirt), owner of the Orpheum Theater in Hillsboro.
Journal-News/Nancy Slepicka

More than 1,050 samples were served between the nine teams, each served in 50-cent portions. Taster's voted by placing their sample tickets at each entrant's booth and the team with the most tickets won the Taster's Choice award. Proceeds from the sample tickets were split 50/50 between the entrants and the Hillsboro 2000 and Beyond committee.
Journal-News/Nancy Slepicka

UFC 68 Hughes Family Takes Over for Spider-Man 3 Premiere
Both Matt and Mark, along with their wives, will be temporarily taking over the Orpheum Theater in Hillsboro for the premiere of the highly anticipated Spider-Man 3, which opens Friday, May 4th. They will be running the shows both Friday and Saturday night which will include greeting customers, selling tickets, serving popcorn and running the film projectors.
For exact showtimes and information on reserved seating, go to or call their showtime hotline (217) 532-6606.

02 MAy 2007 - Place Your Bid For A Chance to Train With Matt Hughes!
Up for bid at a Charity Auction for the St. Louis Catholic School in Nokomis, IL is a 3-hour Training Session for 4 people with Matt Hughes!
The training is to be done in Hillsboro, IL (scheduled around Matt's availability).
The auction will be broadcast live on the internet thru on Saturday, May 5th at 8:15 PM Central Time. Bidding can be done both before Saturday and live Saturday night
Here is a link to the auction: Item #1004
Don't miss this rare chance to train with Matt!!

Charter Arms

Charter Arms

Knight Rifles Autographed Poster
Knight Rifles
Meet Team Hughes and get this special edition autographed poster:
136th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits
Friday, April 13, 2007
2 PM to 4 PM
Lobby of the America's Center
St. Louis, Missouri.

21 MAR 2007 - "Matt Sets Sights on Helping Children."

Matt Hughes will attend the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meetings and Exhibits on April 14th in St. Louis, MO.

During his visit, sponsor Charter Arms will raffle a laser-engraved, Matt Hughes signature Charter 44 Spl. Bulldog pistol and an 1876 Chaparral rifle. The rifle stock will be signed by Matt and numerous other famous UFC fighters. These are truly unique firearms with an estimated value of $2,500.00. Proceeds will be donated to Rancho 3M Christian Children’s Orphanage.

Charter Arms .44 'Bulldog' pistol
1876 Chaparral rifle
Concept Company

Ticket price is $5.00 each or five for $20.00. To purchase tickets pre-show, click here for a printable/faxable order form or call (866) 769-4867. We'll take care of getting your tickets to the show and into the raffles. Winners will be notified by mail and need not be present to win.

If you are attending the show, please stop by and say hi to Matt and show your support. We'll send the names of every individual or group that purchases $1,000.00 or more directly to Matt so that he will be aware of his biggest supporters.

Whether a fan, friend, sponsor - or simply a caring person - you have the opportunity to help a worthy cause through your raffle purchase. So please lend a hand. Imagine the excitement of presenting Matt and Rancho 3M a giant check for 30, 40 - even $50,000! With your support, we can do it!

Charles Brown
MKS Supply/Charter Arms

UFC 68 04 MAR 2007 - Matt Defeats Chris Lytle!
After three dominating rounds, Matt wins at UFC 68: The Uprising by unanimous decision! This win brings Matt's professional MMA record to 43 wins with only 5 losses.

(image from

26 FEB 2007 - Fan Support Along Highway 16
If you are heading up to Columbus, OH and are driving along Illinois State Highway 16, then you will probably see a sign along the side of the road created by Mac Frederick of Shelbyville, IL. Mac created it to show his support for Matt and Team Hughes as Matt heads up to Ohio to begin cutting weight in preparation for his fight with Chris Lytle on Saturday.
Mac describes some of the symbolism he used, "If you dont know what the two symbols above Matt are, that's okay. For one, Matt is a Hank Williams Jr. fan and that is Hank's symbol. Plus, it is the identical symbol used for Ruger firearms cause Matt likes to shoot. And last but not least, the symbol itself is the Phoenix, which rose from the ashes. Which is kinda like what Matt is doing, he is rising again to claim what is his."

Matt, Mark and Marc Fiore (Matt's wrestling coach and cornerman), headed out for Ohio this afternoon and made a special stop to get some photos with the sign. Mac, his brother Mike and cousins Wes and Nate were there and sent in these photos.
If you want to keep an eyes out for Mac's sign, it will be located on HWY 16 directly between Shelbyville and Tower Hill. Approximately 4 miles east of Tower Hill and about 6 miles west of Shelbyville.
Check out Mac's thread in the Forums for more photos and the whole story.

23 FEB 2007 - The Official Matt Hughes MySpace Account!

To help combat the current wave of MySpace imposters, Matt has decided to set up a real MySpace page; so that his fans will not be deceived by all the fake profiles. The goal of this account is to simply redirect MySpace traffic to this website, so we will not be filling it with exclusive content. It will merely act as a link to Matt's site.
So, is still the best way to get up to date news on Matt's career and family life. If you want to contact Matt directly, you can either send a message through the Webmaster or join our Forums.

Almost all of the fake accounts have been shut down; but there is still one left: Hughes

UFC 68
03 JAN 2007 - Matt's Next Fight is in Ohio
Matt is scheduled to fight in Columbus, Ohio for UFC 68: The Uprising. The event will take place Saturday, March 3rd, 2007 at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus. There is no official word on who Matt's opponent will be at this time; but we will keep you updated as we learn more.
Tickets go on sale Tuesday, January 9th and are available at the Nationwide Arena Ticket Office, at all Ticketmaster ticket centers, online at or and by phone at (614) 431-3600. Tickets may also be purchased at the Blue Jackets Zones at the Chiller Dublin, Chiller Easton and Chiller North. (All tickets are subject to facility fee and service charges.)
UFC Fight Club members will be able to purchase tickets as early as January 6th at 10AM off the UFC website. Go to for more details and ticket prices.

08 DEC 2006 - 60 Minutes Interview Airs Sunday, December 10th
UFC 65 Gloves
A NEW KIND OF FIGHT – Mixed martial arts, combining styles like boxing, wrestling and jujitsu, was once deemed too vicious for decent society. The sport has now modified its rules and is becoming one of the fastest growing sports in America. Scott Pelley reports. Solly Granatstein is the producer. (Source
Matt will be interviewed as a part of reporter Scott Pelley’s piece on the explosion of Mixed Martial Arts. The interview, which took place in Hillsboro before Matt's rematch with B.J. Penn, will focus on Matt's career and his childhood. The piece will also feature Miletich's Iowa-based Silverbacks, and Renzo Gracie's New York-based Pitbulls as they prepared to clash at the September 23rd IFL competition in Moline, IL.

The 60 Minutes story will air Sunday, December 10th at 7 PM ET/PT, 6 PM CT - check your local listings for the exact time in your area.

20 NOV 2006 - Autographed Gloves Charity Auction
UFC 65 Gloves
Place your bid
Proceeds will benefit Travis Hearn, a Rock Island high school football player who remains paralysed after suffering a spinal injury on Sept. 22nd during a football game. All profits will go to Travis Hearn's family for medical expenses. Signed by Matt Hughes, Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia, Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre, Jeff Monson, Brandon Vera, Pat Miletich, Mike Swick, David Loiseau, Spencer Fisher, Frank Mir, Robbie Lawler, Drew McFedries, Sherman Pendergarst, and Dokonjonosuke Mishima. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime item! So place your BID now!

20 NOV 2006 - Fan Support As Strong As Ever After UFC 65
Despite losing in the second round to Georges St. Pierre on November 18th, Matt is still a champion in the eyes of his fans. Here is just a small sampling of the messages of support and appreciation that we have received since Saturday night.
(Messages may be edited for length or clarity)
I know you get a lot of messages a day, and are really busy, but I just really wanted to let you know how huge of a fan I am of yours. I am sorry about your loss to GSP! You are my hero, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I look up to you. I wish I had your mental toughness so bad. Same goes for your work ethic. You are definitely my role model, and I am really trying to work to become like you. You are so awesome and you will ALWAYS be my favorite fighter. That will never change. I wish you the best and I cant wait to see you fight GSP again and take your belt back!
I train in martial arts myself and have been following the MMA for sometime now and I just wanted to take a moment to tell you that you are one of the most upstanding class acts in all of sports today. I enjoy watching you win and how you handle yourself and also when you lose. I don't know you personally, but from what I have seen you show Christ's likeness in your actions and words. There are a lot of athletes that claim Christ, but to watch them you would question their claim, this is not true of you, you walk the walk. I did not enjoy seeing you lose, however we both know that God is in control and He has a plan for everything. I hope you recover quickly and enjoy some down time with your family. May God Bless all that you do and that you would do what God blesses.
I just wanted to congratulate Matt on his warrior and champion spirit, even in the face of a loss. As I have said before, it is not the MMA record that makes the man, it is the heart and character. Thank you Matt for always demonstrating the heart of Christ in all you say and do. Enjoy the holidays with your family remembering your many blessings and know that we will be here to rally behind you with prayers and support for whatever you decide to do next!
Wynne & Mike
I just wanted to say that Matt is still "our champion!!" God be with you always Matt. Even in defeat, you are one of the most gracious people I've ever seen. We all know that sometimes you get beat, even if you're the best at what you do. I can't wait to see your next fight, whomever it might be against. Soon, you will hold that belt again !!
Regardless of what happened at UFC 65, you are the true Champion in all of our minds. You embody what it is a to be an Champion for the USA and a World Champion. You carried the belt not only with a record number of defenses, but also with record class. You gave us all a pride that inspired...a country boy will always survive. The belt will come back from Canada...we believe in you.
Matt has been my idol/hero since UFC 22, and I will never doubt him, even in loss. I dont care if he was going up against Godzilla, I would believe in him. Seeing him lose tonight was probably the worst night of my life, I don't even know if I can turn on a UFC PPV anymore, knowing Hughes isn't the welterweight champion. I respect GSP, and he did good, and deserved the win, but Hughes is my hero, and I will always look up to him no matter what, and no matter what anyone says. I'm always there to defend him, and cheer him on. God bless Matt Hughes, and everything he's done for the sport of MMA, he is a true MMA Legend, and a true american hero, and no matter what he will always be my #1 favorite fighter. I want him to know that he will always, no matter what, have one fan out there (me).
Matt, you are always going to be the champ the belt is just a symbol. You're an inspiration to thousands in victory as well in defeat. A person can grow considerably from loss. Tonight you were set back but not destroyed, keep your chin up, we (I'm) proud of you. In this world there's a lot of uncertainties but there's two things you can be certain of tonight, winning or losing in the octagon doesn't matter, the Lord Jesus still loves you. I am still with you my man and wish you the best. Your greatest battle wasn't tonight, it's the next couple of days; but you have a champions heart so I know you'll prevail. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT.
Please remember that all your fans do not support you because you are the champion. We support you because of who you are inside not what you wear around your waist. You are a fantastic role model, a hard worker and a giving person. You will regain that belt when the time is right
Lee Anne
We are still proud of you and the fight. It's like you said at the end of the day it doesn't matter about the belt, your greatest prize is your family. Great job! Your heart overpowers any fight, belt or championship. You are truly the greatest hero to all that know you and that is all that matters.
Vince & Ashley
We are real proud of you and we know that whether it's in the Octagon or out in the ministry field, God has big plans for you. Continue to follow Jesus and you can't go wrong. I'd love to see you in the octagon again with the belt (since you are it's rightful owner!!) but more importantly you need to follow wherever God leads you. Good luck and God bless.
The Quinlisk family
Still the champ in our eyes..... You're always gonna be a winner because Jesus lives in your heart!!! Can't wait to see you fight again!!!
The Moores and Harvest Field Pentecostal Church of God